LET’S get CRAFTY! simple rock painting concepts

summertime has officially shown up as well as our container listings are full of endless adventures as well as concepts to keep the kiddos happy, healthy, thriving as well as busy. If you haven’t yet added some nature art to your list, you’ll want to do it now as well as then hit the craft store since these simple rock painting concepts will have the whole household crafting as well as smiling for hours on end. Luckily, Today on Rookie Moms, our nature loving mama, Sarah Kurliand shares with us some simple methods to get the whole household outside collecting rocks as well as doing some household art. If painting stresses you out, inspect out our mess-free painting tips.

Let’s get Crafty! simple rock painting Ideas

WE’RE going on A rock HUNT

The very first thing you’ll want to perform in order to take part in these simple rock painting concepts is to go out as well as discover the best rocks for your art project. This in itself can be a super fun activity that engages household members of all ages as well as likewise is an reason to get everybody outside in the fresh summertime air. provide everybody a basket as well as head to your nearest nature path on a search for rocks that will later ended up being your canvasses. If you don’t have a path nearby, you can channel your inner Easter Bunny, purchase some rocks on the internet as well as scatter them around your home or lawn for the hunt.

Once everybody has collected their preferred rocks, you can laundry them off together making sure they’re clean, smooth, dry as well as prepared to be painted.


Here are a few of our preferred simple rock painting concepts for you as well as your family. depending upon your kid’s ages as well as motor skills, results will vary just like when we attempt Pinterest projects!

Garden Rocks

Paint ladybugs, beetles, ants, flowers, ferns as well as trees to location in your garden or provide as gifts to neighbors as well as friends.

Love Rocks

Paint hearts, sunshines, as well as feel great words as well as messages for people to discover around your house, lawn as well as neighborhood. TIP: these likewise make excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for later in the year.

Sensory Rocks

Using puffy paint, paint dots, swirls as well as other styles that feel great for small fingers to play with as well as feel. Mamas who have kiddos who chew their garments or other things, this can act as a excellent alternative.

Worry Stones

Paint basic words of affirmation or smooth styles for youngsters to keep in their pockets as well as feel when they requirement them the most (think: tough institution or camp days, days when something huge may be happening as well as strong feelings are coming up)

Story Rocks

Paint animals as well as other characters, in addition to scenes that you can later utilize to assist tell a story or teach a lesson with. keep them all in a basket together for simple gain access to when it’s time for the story.

Eşleşme oyunu

Paint shapes, colors, trucks or animals in twos as well as utilize as a match discovering game.

Math Rocks

Paint numbers as well as math indications (+-=X/) depending upon the age of your kiddos as well as utilize the rocks as manipulates to show the math issue working ideal before their eyes.

Play Food Rocks

Paint fruits, veggies as well as other yummy foods to utilize as play food in their bit kitchens or outside mud kitchens!

Feelings Rocks

Paint different faces that show emotions (happy, sad, angry, worried, scared) that can assist your kid begin to acknowledge other people’s as well as their own emotions. Bring these out when your kiddo needs some assist explaining their feelings.

Alfabenin harfleri

Paint upper as well as lower situation letters for matching, tracing with small fingers as well as great old practice. An extension concept for older youngsters would be to paint cursive letters.


Paint numbers to method as well as likewise trace with small fingers. An extension concept for older youngsters would be to paint roman numerals.


Paint the sun, clouds, rain, snow, cactus, etc. Make this part of your morning routine ”“ what is it like outside today?

Haftanın günleri

Similarly to the weather condition rocks, utilize the days of the week rocks as part of your morning routine to talk about your plans for the day as well as begin acknowledging as well as even sounding out letters as well as words that we utilize in our daily hayat.

Free Painting

Sometimes it’s the most fun to just let our littles check out freely! See what creations they come up with on their own!

Don’t let this activity fool you, painting rocks is super relaxing as well as fun for everybody to do, including you, Mama. I personally like to paint mandalas with puffy paint while the youngsters are checking out their own innovative endeavors. jump in as well as join the fun!

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