Book review with GIVEAWAY: Chuck named Chook has incredible luck

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Book Style: Kids story book with farm animals

Reading Level: 2 (Read with help due to some mid-level vocabulary)

Reading Length: 5-7 minutes (FYI – we never account for toddler questions)

Illustration: Powerful, clear, colorful

Age Target: 2-8+ Years of Age

Author: Kimberley Kleczka

Author’s Page: Amazon, Koolamundo

Book purchase Page: Amazon

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Free Giveaway

Before we really get into the thick of things, I want to let you in on a little secret.  I’m not talking about revealing some unusual habit.  I’m actually talking about a totally free book!  Chuck named Chook has incredible luck is totally free on Amazon Kindle from July 7th to July 11th!  Head over to Amazon and get it totally free on Kindle now!


Chuck named Chook has incredible Luck is a story book for kids, toddlers, and everyone in between by Kimberley Kleczka.  If you’ve read a few of our other reviews, you know Kimberley and her books.  simply said, she’s great, and she’s built an amazing series of children’s books.

At the start of Chuck’s story, we meet Chuck the rooster.  In his travels (on the farm), Chuck meets another of Kimberley’s characters, Klara the Cow.  Klara rapidly learns that Chuck is a mimicking chicken, as she’s amazed when Chuck moos.  Through this encounter, we learn that Chuck mimics whatever sound he hears.  It typically startles people (and animals for that matter), and so he becomes concerned that this makes him different.  Thankfully, it’s this difference that he uses to save the farms from a fire.  He’s rewarded by the mayor and the villagers, and he feels a terrific deal better about himself.

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Now, it’s conventional for Kimberley’s books to show an range of emotions.  I found this especially popular in Chuck’s book, and I think it helps children connect with the characters.  during the story, we see multiple occasions where Chuck is sad because he’s concerned that the other animals are upset about him mimicking sounds.  We also see Chuck excited, upset, surprised, and happy.  When books add this (emotional) dimension to their characters, it’s a wonderful learning opportunity for the young reader. Chuck Called Chook does it in spades.

The best of friends!

As I said above, this book is part of a larger series.  Each book in the series is part of a world named ‘Koolamundo’.  What Kimberley implies by Koolamundo is that it’s a “Kool World”.  With that concept in mind, her goal is to expose your little one to different places, ways to live, and experiences.  This book fits in perfectly with this theme, as it exposes us not only to a large number of emotions, but also to farm life and the numerous different animals one may find on a working farm.  I absolutely love this author’s outlook on life, and I love that each book builds on the previous.

The Illustrations

Now, it’s hard to describe the illustrations done by our illustrator, Apoorva Dingar.  She’s a talented illustrator that works with Kimberley on each and every one of her books (see what I imply about the Koolamundo world?).  When you look at the illustration below, you can see the crisp lines, the fantastic colors, and the comprehensive sketch work.  The way she crafts these illustrations makes them powerful, colorful, and unique.  I don’t know how she does it, but it’s fantastic.

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Smash and crash, just like us!

Now, seeing as this book’s setting is on a farm, there are a large number of farm and/or nature-based illustrations.  There are literally hundreds of farm items that make their way onto the page.  My little man stopped me mid-read several times, as he had to tell me all about hay bales, windmills, barns, and more. I love that he’s becoming engaged by what some might consider a small detail.  It proves to me just how spectacular the illustrations are.


Now, here comes the shameless self-promotion.  I produced the video below!  working with Kimberley over the past month, we produced a read-through of her newest book, complete with animations and sounds.  I’d love it if you took a moment and viewed the video:


I have always delighted in the Koolamundo world, and this newest book could be the bhenüz est. Sevimli, aptalca ve eğlenceli. Ayrıca, karakterlerin duyguları aracılığıyla verilen bazı dokunaklı dersler içerir.

Yukarıda söylediğim gibi, Kimberley, Chuck Nam Chuck’ın 7 Temmuz – 11 Temmuz tarihleri ​​arasında Kindle’da inanılmaz şansı var ve daha sonra kitap sadece 9.87 USD. Bu, çocuğunuzun kütüphanesine çok ekonomik bir katkı, özellikle de harika bir kitaptan bahsederken.

Okuduğunuz için teşekkürler… çocuklarınızla!

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