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Welcome to the very first #FitnessFriday blog hop / link-up. #Fitness Friday is designed to assist blog writers network as well as provide encouragement, support as well as motivation to work on personal physical fitness goals. We are right here for every other to celebrate achievements, as well as applaud each other on to work harder as well as press on further. Each of us is on our own journey toward ultimate physical as well as spiritual wellness. a few of us may be in great shape while other’s requirement to work even harder. We are all in this together! If being healthy as well as working out is a concern for you or you just requirement that additional motivation, I invite you to join us right here every Friday. blog about your personal physical fitness story, add your link to the link-up, as well as hop over to the other blogs.  Whenever you go to somebody make sure you leave them an motivating comment!

My story as well as GoalsMy name is Cascia Talbert as well as I am a thirty-five-year-old mom of five children.  My hubby of almost 11 years works as a sales rep for a well understood business as well as he travels a lot.  80% of the time I am a single mother. Some days I am so hectic taking care of my youngsters that I frequently fail to remember about who is the most important, myself.I am 5’1″ as well as only evaluate 104lbs.  I am small as well as have always had a difficult time putting on weight. Besides during my pregnancies, the heaviest I’ve been is 110lbs.  

Why do I requirement to work out? healthy adults, myself included, should take part in at least a half an hour of physical physical fitness 3-5 days a week in order to preserve a healthy weight, have energy, as well as keep their heart strong.

I likewise experience from stress and anxiety as well as insomnia.  I have discovered that if I do some kind of cardio exercise in the middle of the afternoon I feel more energized, less anxious as well as get a much better night’s sleep. 

My goals are to workout 5 days a week, have an easier time falling asleep at night, as well as develop some muscle.  I likewise want to get back into running more frequently as well as ideally do a long distance run in the spring.

Daha fazla bahane yok! There will always be time for fitness. I will reach my goals as well as work to my prospective as well as so can you!I have a personal physical fitness program that has provided me the results that I am looking for. I am planning on sharing my tips right here every Friday as well as am even believing about making some videos if there is sufficient interest.

Let’s do this together! I want to hear your story as well as your personal goals. What do you want to achieve?Please go to these fantastic blog writers who are co-hosting physical fitness Friday with me. as well as don’t fail to remember to leave your link!Chandra Sullivan – Spark Your MotivationTere Scott – Teachable Scott Tots HomeschoolDanielle Nabozny – Lip Gloss as well as yoga PantsLisa Belanger – Inspire Me Well

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Cascia Talbert telaşlı bir blog yazarı ve Spokane, WA’da yaşayan beş çocuk annesi. B.A. ile in history as well as legislation as well as a enthusiasm for composing as well as staying healthy, she started The healthy moms Magazine in 2007. The healthy moms magazine is currently placed the top health and wellness blog for moms. Bayan Talbert, anneler sağlık ve sağlıklı yaşam sorunları ve tam olarak nasıl sağlıklı kalacakları hakkında iyi bilgilendirilirse, bu bilgileri çocuklarına aktarabileceklerine ve ABD’deki gençlik obezite istatistiklerini tersine çevirebileceklerine inanıyor.

Ms. Talbert  runs the Healthy moms Social Network on Ning, is the creator of Healthy moms Media, as well as is the chief advertising policeman for Talbert Nutrition LLC. Onunla ve adresinden uyabilirsiniz.

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